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St Kieran's NS

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School in 100 years

In 100 years time schools would have electric chairs and really posh uniforms. If you were bold the teacher would sting you until you say sorry for disturbing the class. If you were good the teacher would give you a sweet and that would make you work. Children would fly to school on a balloon. The school principal would have a race track to rally on at break time. In 100 years children would drink Cocoa and lots of fizzy freezes. After break the children would work on their laptops and type up stories. At big break the children would go on the trampolen and bouncing castle. When they return to class the teacher would do arts and crafts. The pupils would make a metal robot with a weldwe, using a computer as the head. When the robot is finished the children would take it for a test. If they have success the children and teachers would celebrate. Then at five thirty the children would fill their balloons with helium and fly home.

Bardic Schools

Bardic schools where only for rich people, and people who wanted to be poets.
They learned irish and histroy as well.The stundents lived in tall bulidings with no windows and there were very simply finished.The bardic schools began to die out in the sixteen centry.

Monastic Schools

The first monstic school was founded in Armagh by St Patrick in AD 450.
In these schools the monks only taught special people, like sons or daugthers of cheifs.
Monastic schools survived the Viking invasion and King Henry VIII attempt to close all monasteries.

The National School System.

The British Government set up the National School system in Ireland in 1831. It was designed to educate children between six and twelve.
It was ment to bring together children with all religious faiths.
In 1841, 53 percent of Irish population could neither read or write.
By 1901, it had fallen by 14 percent.

Hedge Schools

The Penal law began in the late seventeent centry and lasted almost 100 years.Cathlic children were noy aloud to go to school. Cathlic teachers could not teach in school.
If they were found they wre finded 20 pounds that was a lot of money back then.

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