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St Kieran's NS

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Engineering week


Engineering week

In my school we had a Engineering week.
We did a project on renewable energy. We looked at wind power, solar power, hydro power and biomass.
The mostly used energy was the wind power.
It was really fun and we learned a lot of stuff about energy.

This is a project about renewable energy. we are doing solar and wind power. First we did our plan then we got down to our model, we did our house solar and wind power .our house has a wind turbine and a solar panel and some solar lights our house is very eco friendly .

our garden also includes a stone wall and a beautiful pond with two ducks in it and a flower bed. During this we have learned a lot about solar and wind power. It was hard work but with a little team effort it all worked out fine. We had a really good and fun time. We would all love to live in the house we made.
By Una Kilmartin, Grainne Horan, Anna Egan, Eadaoin Kilmartin

I have one energy source. It is the solar panels. I did solar panels because I did a post office.We did a town with all the houses.We have a shop,post office,hotel river and a pitch.
By Chelsea Carratt

I made a model house. The idea was to make a house that ran on renewable energy. I based mine on wind power. Wind power is energy from the wind. You put wind turbines up in fields that have no shelter. Renewable energy is energy that never runs out. Wind never runs out so that's renewable energy. To make the model house you need cardboard and paint. First make sure that the windmill is made bigger than the house. I made a door and a small garden and a vegetable patch. I painted the house red and I painted the garden green. I put the windmill beside the house. I painted the windmill white .

Our house has two renewable energy sources. They are solar and wind power. They are both very good renewable energies. We have goalposts in our back garden. We are sowing vegetables in our garden. We have a shed and in the shed we have a generator to power the sources. We have a compost bin. We did it becouse it was a good idea and we both liked the idea.
By John and Eoin.

I put a flat roof on but a straight roof would be better because you could use sun power which is renewable as well. Then I did bio gass . It is energy from the sun that goes into the plants then the animals eat them and then you use the energy from the manure to make bio gass. I got a circle sweet box and a washing powder holder and put double sided tape on the outside on the bottom and the top then I wrapped paper around it and painted it. Then I let it dry and left down beside the cattle shed I made. Any other sort of biomass is wood and garbage basically anything that rots can be used as biomass.
The End By Niall Egan

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