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St Kieran's NS

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Green school

Bird's living in our school!


A Swallow is a small black and white bird. The Swallow is born here in Ireland during the summertime and migrates to warm climate for the winter time. Every year the swallows come to Ireland from South Africa and come back to the same places as they had been last year.There are Swallows nests in our turf shed they make their nests from grass and mud and dry leaves. When the baby Swallows are born, the mammy Swallow is busy getting good for the young ones. When the young ones get a little bigger, they leave their nest and learn to fly. This is a very tricky time because there are a lots of birds droppings on our turf and on the bicycles and everything else in the shed. One day as I was going in the door of the shed and a Swallow fly by. I though it was going to hit me. Before they fly away to warmer countries the swallows line up on the telephone wire and get ready to fly away together. When I see this happening I know that the summer is nearly over and the winter will not be long away. By John Mahon.

Song Thrush

The Song Thrush is a bird that lives in Ireland. It usually lives in woodlands, parks and gardens.
It is a medium sized bird. The Thrush has a brown upper part of the body, a speckled chest and large dark eyes. It is related to the Mistle Thrush, Blackbird, Fieldfare, Redwing and Ring Ouzel. By Chelsea Carratt


The blackbird has black plummage. The male has a bright yellow or orange bill. the female has a brown bill.They have dark legs and yellow eye-rings. They feed on insects, earthworms, fruit and seeds. The blackbird utters a harsh and repeated tchak alarm call often at dusk. Blackbirds are found in gardens, woodlands, farmlands and coasts. In winter upland birds move to lower levels and migrants arrive from Europe. by Eoin Kilmartin.


The Magpie is probably the easiest bird to recognise because of it's black and white colour. It build's a dome-shaped nest made from twigs and mud up in trees. A large group of Magpies is called a Magpie Parliament and in these gatherings they jump about, chase each other and chatter loudly.The lay 4 to 7 eggs a year.

Colour: Black and white body with a blue-purple sheen on its's long black tail. The tips of wings and belly are white.
Length: 40-51cm.
Diet: Worms, slugs, seeds, insects, eggs and chicks of other birds and even food left out for cats and dogs.
Habitat::Gardens, along roads, farms, towns and parks.


The Bullfinch is a small garden bird that is 15cm tall. The male Bullfinch has salmon pink colour on its body, a blue-grey and black tail and a black head. It eats a greater proportion and variety of buds for a longer period that any other bird in Europe. It eats with it's beak and it's feeding technique and digestive system has evolved for the job. One Bullfinch can remove the buds of fruit trees at a rate of 30 per minute in a very systematic way. Bullfinches enter orchards from nearby woods and hedgerows, and attack the nearest trees, stripping every bud on them.

Blue Tit

Blue Tit's are very small birds that live in our garden. They eat insects and the younger ones eat buds off trees. Blue Tits are white, blue, yellow and sometimes green. Blue Tits appear in broad-leaved, woodlands, orchards, hedgerows parks and suburban gardens. They nest in walls, trees and nesting boxes. The Blue Tit's eggs are white with reddish brown spots. There are over 4 million Blue Tits on the British Isles. There were more but because of the loss of woodlands there are not as many as before. By Anna Egan.

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