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St Kieran's NS

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Bird houses

Green school

Our Bird Boxes

Bird's in Winter
In Winter birds struggle to get food. They cannot get food because it snows or the ground is rock hard.
So that is why people should put out some nuts and bread. I think the smartest bird of all is the Swallow because they fly away to Africa where it is warmer. In my school we try to help the birds as much as we can. We even saved money by making fatballs; which are made of leftover, nuts and pulses mixed with lard.
It is very important that you leave out some water for them so they can groom themselves with it.
In our house there are two birds that always come to our house they are a robin and a bluetit.
Some of our 6th class made birdhouse nesting boxes.You can read more about them below!
By Una Kilmartin.

Anthony's Birdhouse

First you get a stake and 2 flat pieces of timber. Nail the 2 of them on the stake at 2 different heights. Then you can get left over capping off the shed and screwed it on to the top of the stake for the roof. Drill 2 holes through the stake right under the roof and stick a few sticks in it. Tap a few nails in for hanging feeders. Get a lid of a bucket and cut a hole in it and slide it up the stake and stick it with some silicone. This is to keep the rats from climbing up and eating the food.
By Anthony.K

Bird houses

We made houses in our school for the birds. Lots of birds where dying in the snow and rain. So Anthony and Jerome made bird houses. We gave the birds fat balls and some seeds to eat. Anthony made two birds house and Jerome made one. On my farm the cattle are being feed meal. The birds always come into the shed and eat the meal. Where we brought the cattle to the factory there was half a ton of meal left, the meal was eaten by the birds. The entire pile of meal was completely covered by birds at one stage. We got the neighbours dogs to stop the birds from eating it but the birds came anyway. I hope the birds come and eat the fat balls. By Niall Egan.

How to make a Birdhouse

1. First you get a lump of dry timber.
2. Then you cut it to shape.
Screw it into place.
Sand it down.
Cut a hole in the front of it.
Don't paint the birdhouse as birds hate the smell of paint.

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